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Mtuseni sent me this post today for his blog, and I thought it was worth sharing in full.

South-Africa-family-lifeToday we celebrate the most important day in the history of human life, and that is Mother’s Day.

We just want to say to all mothers that we still recognize your importance to us and the world’s population. It is a special day to us all but more especially to you because you are the only people that can bear the pain of giving birth and having that bond with the child. We acknowledge the wisdom that you give us because most of you are single but still manage to raise monsters like us who will cause all sorts of pain to you. But your unfailing love always overshadows everything.

I love my mother. She is raising three kids alone without my father’s help. This always drives me: If she is able to make it alone, why should I give up on anything? My mom has gone through a lot that all mothers do, but fortunately she has survived and managed to put meals for us on everyday life. She also shows the love to my siblings as if she is both a mother and a father.

She always fills my heart with joy even though we argue. It doesn’t change her love for me. I think every mother is capable of over achieving in their lives because it’s their gift from God. And yes, we thank God for providing us with such strong and loving people. I do also believe that when you look at the beauty of a female you see how God has planned this creature to perform the purpose of being the mother.

Mothers are the best gifts that God provided for men, and without their existence one would wonder how everyone would be on this world. I believe that all mothers will enjoy this day as it is a Sunday, and to my mother I wish her the best of everything. I love her a lot and appreciate all she has done for me in the past 19 years and I’m still counting. May God preserve all mothers to see their kids succeed and help them back. I would like to conclude by saying to all the mothers I LOVE YOU ALL, DECLARES THE LORD!

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