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A South African View on Guns

December 19, 2012 — 1 Comment

Mtuseni and I chatted a bit today about the Sandy Hook school shooting. We didn’t talk about it much… I was busy with work and he was telling me about arriving in Durban for his festive season trip. It came up when a blogger in Connecticut posted a “like” on his blog.

But I thought his perspective on the event, from another country, was interesting and worth sharing…


I told him about the woman using them at a shooting range… and how some Americans love their guns… and how the “right” of private citizens to own guns is in the Constitution. And he replied…


I said in my earlier post on the shooting that there are things about South African society that drive me crazy on a daily basis. But the country — or at least one young South African — seems to have the right idea when it comes to guns.

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