Arm Chair Road Trip Day 14: Biltong and Soccer Balls

September 15, 2020 — 1 Comment

stadium trio


After two weeks on the road, we got a respite from hotels for a few days, staying with a friend in Atlanta. It was nice to have some home-cooked meals. Wait… did Annie cook? No. Hahaha. But it was nice to hang out with an old friend and “lil’ sis” again after many years. (Yet we forgot to get a photo of us — biggest regret of the trip!)


Biltong Bar in Atlanta

Calling biltong “beef jerky” doesn’t do it justice. Biltong Bar is great!


The first morning Mtuseni and I went into swanky Buckhead to pick up his new glasses — and stumbled on a biltong place! I’m not a huge meat fan, and American beef jerky is like old shoe leather. But biltong — South African beef jerky — is thick and meaty and succulent. I first tried it on my trip to SA in 2012 and have been craving it since.

We sat at the bar and got a biltong platter with chutneys. Mtuseni was in heaven — and raved about how biltong is so much better than jerky (though he always eats jerky when he’s in the US.) Cool vibe, great decor, enticing menu — we need a Biltong Bar in Boston! 


biltong in

Another taste of South African home in America — biltong and chutney!


Mtuseni found a kindred spirit in Atlanta in my friend’s son: another soccer fanatic! They figured out we could get tickets to an Atlanta United game — so suddenly we were on a MARTA train to the stadium.



These guys are both pretty deft with handling a soccer ball. I’ve got video to prove it!


The atmosphere outside was lively. Mtuseni and Nolan would have happily kicked a soccer ball around all night! The stadium was a sellout… and the facility is impressive with the retractable roof. 

Once the match started the guys were all in; I surfed my phone. I don’t get soccer. The ball bounces around the field like pinball — and everyone goes crazy if it even approaches the goal. But any pro sporting event is a pretty cool production, and Mtuseni was thrilled.

Oh, and Atlanta won. 

stadium pair

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