Armchair Road Trip: Day 2, New York

August 31, 2020 — Leave a comment

liberty close

A year ago today was Labor Day, and our first real adventure day on the Long-Distance Dad road trip. 

At the hotel in Jersey, we waited a half hour for a lost Uber driver who clearly never heard of deodorant. While it was hot that day (actually, it was brutal the whole month!) it was only 9:00 a.m. I would have appreciated wearing a mask in that tiny Honda Civic!  

After the most zig-zagging, convoluted drive ever, we finally arrived at Liberty Park to catch the ferry. Was fascinated by an abandoned railway station there, with an ornate wrought iron roof, and the old track signs. Mtuseni wasn’t that impressed.

liberty park stn both

Still trying to erase the stink of the Uber driver from our senses.


train station roof

I can picture this station once bustling with travelers on their own journeys to near and far. 


liberty ghost tracks

Paths to nowhere now… but once to many somewheres.


antique railroad destination track sign


Discovered the new Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial at Liberty Park, which points to where the Twin Towers had stood. Mtuseni knew surprisingly little of that event. A New Jersey reporter interviewed me about that day and my personal connection to it. Tough memories; simple but powerful memorial.


empty sky 9-11 memorial in new jersey


Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty were new sights for both of us. Ellis Island is so impressive. I got emotional thinking of my grandparents arriving from Eastern Europe. Such courage — they were only teeneagers! I want to return and dig into the archives, find their records.  

Check out our Instagram greeting from Ellis Island!


ellis sign mtu


ellis island outside

What immigrants must have thought — and felt — as they approached this grand building!


ellis sign

Crowds… I miss them now. 


great hall crowd

The Great Hall where my grandparents were processed. Just… wow.


great hall michael

Maybe before I die I’ll figure out selfies and selfie sticks. (Actually, I really don’t care.)


There is a room with walls covered in citizen documents. Just randomly scanning them, this one caught my eye. The woman lived in my hometown way back when — and I had just ridden my bike past her address days earlier. Crazy!


citizen doc

Butters Row was the road to my kindergarten. It still has a one-lane wooden bridge!


Mtuseni has wanted to see Miss Liberty since his first US visit seven years ago. He was so excited. It is a beacon of America, still — and forever, let’s hope. Exciting for me too as I had a small replica of it on my desk as a kid.


liberty boat

Crowds on a boat — the good old days.


liberty sky


mtu liberty front

Probably never imagined being here growing up in a shack in South Africa.


statue of liberty

Goober alert. (But hey, why not?)


liberty shop girls

My funny gift shop pals. I tried to be Mtuseni’s wing man on the trip; he wasn’t buying it. American girls intimidate him, I think. 


Took the ferry to Manhattan and walked to the World Trade Center and 9/11 Memorial. Ogled at the Oculus. (And got lost in it — the first of several times. Cool architecture, dumb layout.) 


outside wing of oculus in manhattan


oculus inside

Damn, I look exhausted. And it’s only the first full day! 


Took the subway to the Port Authority Bus Terminal … from the sublime Oculus to the armpit of the universe… and a quick shuttle bus back to the hotel. A great day… with so many ahead of us!


skyline from liberty both

I so wish we were there now. And that Mtuseni wasn’t 8,000 miles away.   


Back to Manhattan tomorrow!

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