What a Trip!

August 30, 2020 — Leave a comment

Just before takeoff from our hotel in Concord. I love sunflowers! Mtuseni’s not a flower guy.


So much has happened since my last post here — not only for Mtuseni and me but for all of us! It feels like a different world.

A year ago today Mtuseni and I took off on a two-month, 10,000+ mile drive around the US — filled with anticipation and excitement about what we’d discover on the road. It was an incredible adventure that allowed us to celebrate ten years together. (Where did the time go?) It also offered a trove of experiences that added new chapters to our story — and to the Long-Distance Dad book. (Exciting new developments ahead on that front!)

It’s been a strange year since we stood under the happy glow of a sunflower to launch our trip. The idea of traveling around the country, meeting people from all over, passing cameras back and forth for photos, weaving through crowded markets and jostling on packed ferries — it’s all an impossibility right now.

That makes me sad. Because I’d jump in my car and do the trip all over again this afternoon if I could. And someday I will —  because it fits the mantra for my life going forward:

Explore. Discover. Share. Enlighten. Empower. Inspire.

It’s the driver for my Next Act — which was on the launch pad when this damn virus hit. It sucks to have the universe hit the pause button. But it’s just a pause. The launch will happen. I’ll  be writing about it in a new blog, which I’ll also share here.

But while we’re all in various states of suspended animation — I’m going to share my cross-country adventure with Mtuseni here. An armchair road trip, so to speak. Flashbacks to an easier, more open, more social time — a time that will return, I know. The journey — for me, for Mtuseni, for all of us — continues…

Check out our Instagram greeting from our first day!

#Middletown #Connecticut #sign

Where it all began… Where I began! #Connecticut

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