Too Fast

July 9, 2013 — 1 Comment

IMG_0284 Mtuseni and I head back to New York this morning — and he flies home to Joburg tomorrow. We managed to pack in a lot of activities and sights on the visit, but still many things are unchecked on my list. Somehow he became obsessed with Red Sox gear (I don’t wear it and am only a baseball fan in October). But he needed a “Boston B” on his head to feel like he fit in the city.

A lot of experiences and revelations and learning for both of us. More to come after I return… to an empty house without that squeaky voiced, lilting South African accent and the kid I adore that comes with it.DSCN0735



One response to Too Fast


    I’m very glad the visit went well. I know that ’empty house’ feeling quite well.


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