Starting 2013 On a High Note

January 8, 2013 — 3 Comments

After an epic stretch of (over)work beginning in October — followed by a surprisingly enjoyable and fulfilling holiday season that made this Grinch’s heart grow — I’m still trying to put things in place for a productive year ahead. So at the risk of tooting my own horn, “my” first blog post of 2013 will be an excerpt from Mtuseni’s post.

No matter how much I love this kid, I can sometimes tear my hair out in frustration and wonder why I took on this challenge. Next time I feel that way, I’ll remember what my little buddy said on his gratitude list — an achievement (still in the works) that I will consider the most important and meaningful of my life. And if I start the year as a wonder of the world, it means 2013 is going to be amazing. Happy New Year!

Victoria-Wharf-Cape-Town-South-AfricaMy Thanksgiving

2012 was an awesome but rough year for me, but I still have a lot to thank God for. It is only during this time I share my gratitude to the almighty with the world. I thank God for my daily breath because he had stored it in me to live this year fully and tackle every challenge without giving up.

It also was the people in my life that keep me going no matter how much anger I cause them, but they still love and support me in all directions.

My mom is the person that lives with this naughty soul every single day of her life and hasn’t thrown me out yet. Without this woman there wouldn’t have been a me in this world, and I’m very proud to be her son because she has gone through a lot to make sure I am granted success.

Michael Beckett — the eighth wonder of this world — has since adopted a clueless boy and made him a man. He has actually taken on my battles to fight them for me and does everything in his power to educate me in every day of my life. I wouldn’t have passed matric or gone to tertiary without his power, that is why he is my eighth wonder of this world!



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3 responses to Starting 2013 On a High Note


    That is a wonderful acknowledgement of the impact you have had on Mtuseni’s life. Well done Mr Eighth Wonder 🙂


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