A Challenge from a New Twitterati

June 6, 2012 — Leave a comment

I don’t have much knowledge about government corruption in South Africa; I’m only familiar with cultural practices that are a drag on my American need to get things done quickly.

Mtuseni is much more aware of problems with his government, particularly because he suffers the consequences as one of the millions living in poverty nearly 20 years after the end of apartheid. We talked about this recently and he said the corruption in South Africa is “a shame and a disgrace.”

But he’s not sitting back and passively complaining. One of his goals for working in radio is to help change the world. (Gotta love youthful idealism!) He’s recently entered the Twitter-sphere, and often posts some uplifting tweets.

Mtuseni South Africa corruption tweet
I’m confident Mtuseni will help move the needle toward a more equitable and just society in South Africa. If you like, you can follow him on Twitter @mtu_bheks.

Of the many things I love about Mtuseni, his character and integrity are high on the list. His mom did a damn good job! (And I’m also loving the Red Sox cap in his profile photo. They may stink this year, but Red Sox Nation is truly global!)

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